• Josh Mease on Daytrotter

    Listen to Josh Mease on Daytrotter

    “One of the greatest impulses is to hurry. It’s to get ahead. It’s to be first. It’s even more about not being last that brings about the hurrying. It’s about needing to says things to people before they just eat the hell away at you, before they begin to rot you out from the insides to the point where if someone poked you in your chest, they’d pull out a rancid smelling thumb. It’s this urge to get to some kind of proverbial finish line and then ask whatever the next questions are when anyone reaches such a dumb place. It’s a place that is quickly stripped of all meaning because it’s not where anything is really rewarded or where there is anything culminating. It’s just another day and you’ve hurried yourself off to a sigh and a night’s sleep, same as any other night…”

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