• Clare and the Reasons on DAYTROTTER

    New Clare and the Reasons session on DAYTROTTER

    Goodness, the woman does redemption the way it stands to be done well. Clare Manchon of Clare and the Reasons seeks things in her days. It’s not that every single day needs rescuing, but the ones that do, believe us, she breaks out her jaws of life, or an intoxicating bottle or two of her finest wine and she snatches those days from halfway down the gullet of the beast. So many of the songs on her latest album, “Arrow,” remind me of a photocopied inspirational poster that my father had tacked to a corkboard in his office when I was younger. It featured a pelican or a stork – it was hard to really tell – that was trying to eat a frog. The little green creature was fully engulfed in the long-beaked birds mouth, with its legs sticking out sideways. Also sticking out from the far back of the bird’s mouth were the frog’s arms and with its webbed “hands” it was trying to choke the life out of the bird to save its own and at the bottom of the cartoon the caption read, “Never give up.” Read more…

    Listen to the session, or download a high quality version on Daytrotter.com

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